Back on track…

…and reeling, just slightly.

But I’m in my new place, unpacked and settled in. The book I’ve been writing is done, and edited, and re-edited, and I’m even partway towards organising the Newcastle book launch, which apparently is actually a more challenging feat than writing the thing in the first place. The (paid) work project is almost over, and the light’s at the end of the tunnel. And the chest infection (hello, run-down and depleted immune system: sorry about that) is almost, but not quite, a thing of the past. At least I can have a conversation now without my lungs threatening to turn themselves inside-out.

And I wrote a book, and I have a new house and lots of lovely thinking time on my daily commute (sorry, car – no more life of leisure for you), and my hometown is quiet, and when I go outside at night I can see the stars.

And did I mention that I wrote a book?


5 thoughts on “Back on track…

  1. And if anyone reading this Is in Melbourne and hasn’t received an invitation to the launch here on 21st September, leave a comment here and we’ll send you the details.

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