This is my letter of excuse.

So things are about to become a bit crazy for me. I have a finite amount of time to pack the contents of my flat (most of which, to be honest, is books and notebooks) for a move to a rural area. I’m moving to the perfect cottage, the perfect commute from work and singing (thinking time, listening to music time, introvert time, much better than my current five-minute commute). It’s a nice, slightly-rough-round-the-edges country town and I’ll be surrounded by open spaces, grass planes, bushland, farming country – countryside I love. It will be quiet, a world away from my flat down the road from a pub, right in the heart of one of Newcastle’s inner suburbs. Even the sky feels higher, further away.

It’s perfect.

But between now and moving day, I have a ton of things to do, and a limited amount of time in which to do them, and most importantly, a limited amount of brain-power with which to achieve anything. So for the next two-ish weeks, I’m going to be trying very hard to keep my head where it needs to be – in work, both paid work, and the work of shifting my entire (admittedly small) household, without freaking out the cat.

Which probably means no blog for a while. And probably means not much writing for a while, and not much reading. Which is ok because I’ve got my eye on the prize, and because I can’t imagine actually writing anything worthwhile when most of my nuerons are taken up with questions of how many boxes to find, and whether to pack the wok just yet, and whether blankets should be used as padding or packed separately, and whether it’s worth keeping this thing that I haven’t used in the entire time I’ve been in my flat…

Good blog-fodder it ain’t.

It’s interesting for the cat, though.


2 thoughts on “This is my letter of excuse.

  1. Whatever you write is always “good blog fodder”, you have a delightful way of making the most routine and normal things of everyday life interesting and thoughtful.

  2. Ditto! And pack the wok but leave out the kettle and coffee! (and keep that thing you haven’t used … if you throw it out, as soon as you unpack you will find a use for it!)

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