Good enough.

We’ve done recruitment this week at work and I’ve spent a lot of time reading CVs, shortlisting, doing phone screening and then conducting interviews all day yesterday. Today was reference checks and ensuring that all my notes on the process are comprehensive, as well as catching up on all those normal tasks which I’ve neglected throughout this whole process. I’m tired and I’m struggling to think of anything remotely intelligent or worthwhile to write, but I feel guilty if I don’t write a blog on a blogging day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday have become non-blogging days; every other day carries an expectation, in my own mind at least, that I’ll write at least something on here).

Again, though, I keep being drawn back to my year of care – for those of you who don’t know, I’ve decided that 2014 is a year in which I will prioritise self-care, in all its forms. By and large, I’m doing a crappy job – I’m generally too busy to bother with much beyond the basics of self-care beyond the physical, and I often need a reminder to stop and reflect on my life, and why I make the choices I do.

So in this year of care, and after a week like this one (which isn’t quite over yet), and with someone who means the world to me lying in a hospital bed and a little bit of my consciousness and a lot of my love hovering over her, I’ve decided that part of self-care is not being hard on myself, and part of not being hard on myself is letting something be, not perfect, but good enough. Adequate. A reasonable attempt.

Like this blog post. A pretty uninspiring, utterly boring blog post (unless you want to know the specifics of the recruitment process – then, I guess, it’s slightly interesting) – but for tonight, it’s good enough.

Sometimes, good enough will do.


5 thoughts on “Good enough.

  1. Not uninspiring..not boring…nice to see you expressing that part of your self care is not being hard on yourself. Was just saying to your mum the other day that I sometimes think that you’re too hard on yoursel! So it’s nice to hear that you’re going to go easy on yourself…this week.
    Also nice to hear that ‘sometimes good enough will do’…because sometimes that really is all we can muster & from one person who tends to be a perfectionist to another, it’s a hard thing to do & battle you will find yourself revisiting time & time again, but do take comfort in the fact that for a ‘perfectionist’ “good enough” is usually of a pretty high standard anyway! 🙂
    (Oh & once you realise that it becomes a lot easier to be satisfied with good enough when necessary)
    God bless for the rest of the week.

    • Thanks, Caroline. “For a perfectionist, ‘good enough’ is usually of a pretty high standard anyway” – I love it! I’m going to write it on a post-it note and put it up at work!

  2. I agree with Caroline – your “good enough” is usually as good or better, than most of our “best”.
    So, keep caring for yourself amongst all the busy-ness of life.

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