A short post, on barrenness and the wilderness experience.

I had a whole draft written last night…and then my oldest friend, my creative inspiration and a woman who has no idea how amazing she is, phoned me. I failed to hit “save”. Small price to pay for a conversation with one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met. (Hey, Bean!)

What I had written about, though, was the experience of the spiritual barrenness I’ve been experiencing. Intellectual richness; a spiritual void. Wilderness.

And here’s the thing. Wilderness is ok. Not great, but ok, and probably necessary. Jesus spent forty days in the wilderness. John the Baptist lived in the wilderness. For millennia, people have been withdrawing to the wilderness – because they find God there. In the starkness, the inhospitable aridity, the desolation – there God dwells, just as much as in the lush richness of nurturing forest.

It’s just less comfortable.



4 thoughts on “A short post, on barrenness and the wilderness experience.

    • Thanks, Daryl. I was referring more to metaphorical/spiritual wilderness – which is nowhere near as stunning as the beauty that you’ve captured! What a lovely post and film. It has certainly made me re-think my spiritual interpretation of the idea of wilderness, and long for the peace of a wilderness retreat. Thanks for commenting and reading the blog.

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