(Late) evening prayer.

A book happened tonight, and so did beer, and it’s been a demanding week and my hands shook at my rehearsal despite the fact that I didn’t feel particularly stressed, because that just seems to be the way I roll at the moment, and now it’s late and I want to sleep.

I am too tired to write the blog I was planning; so this is my prayer for this evening.

Holy God, Creator of the Universe, who makes all things Sacred:
Surround us this night with your love.
Dwell with us in light and darkness; in joy and grief and tiredness. 

May we know that You were present in the quietness and the demands of this day; remind us, oh God, to see Your spirit in all the people and creatures whose lives touched ours today, and whose lives we touched. 
Help us to let go of the achievements and the worries and the undone tasks and the failures and successes of this day; and as tired minds bend towards sleep, help us to trust that the unknowns of tomorrow exist already in Your love. 
Lighten our darkness, oh God of All, and may the knowledge of Your Presence sustain us and nourish us through this night and into a new day; grant all Your creatures rest, and peace. 




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