Silence in demanding noise.

It’s been a huge day and I’m tired. I have run out of words, so here are someone else’s:

You have been with me all through this day; stay with me now.
As the shadows lengthen into darkness,
let the noisy world grow quiet,
let its feverish concerns be stilled, its voices silenced.
In the final moments of this day, remind me of what is Real.

But let me not forget that you were as present in
the stresses of the day just past
as you are now in the silence of this night.

You have made me for day and for night,
for work and for rest,
for both heaven and earth.

Here in this night,
let me embrace and not regret the mysterious beauty of my humanity.
Keep me in the embrace of your Reality through the night,
and the day to come.
Surround me with your silence, and give me the rest that only you can give – real peace,
now and forever. Amen.


I don’t know who wrote this. My gentle, loving, strong and gracious dad sent the prayer in an email to me. It is what I pray for myself after a busy and demanding day such as this one. It is what I pray for my friends, for those I love. It is what I pray for the world.

May the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, the Source of love and the Ground of compassion in the world, be with us all, now and always; and may every creature dwell always in the gentle power of the Origin of life.


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