The Poetry Game.

For the last few days, I’ve been playing the Poetry Game with someone who is not only a friend but an inspiration. To be honest, I don’t know how she could possibly get anywhere near as much out of our friendship as I do, because she’s so amazing and vibrant…but that’s beside the point. (Hello, Bean!) She lives a thousand kilometres away so we’ve been doing it by text message.

The Poetry Game is simple. You pick a theme (in this case, water) and you bounce words back and forth, relating to that concept. Not so hard, certainly. It’s made slightly trickier by the fact that each word has to start with the last letter of the previous word. Life – Endless – Sleek – Kingdom – etc. What makes the Poetry Game so tricky – and so utterly lovely – is that the challenge is to make the words beautiful, and creative, and reflective of the essence of the thing. It requires me to think outside the box – although I did enjoy sending a message offering Wet – to think creatively and laterally, and symbolically and metaphorically. I am challenged by my friend’s intellect and creativity and immense vocabulary; and it’s not often during my day, especially the day-to-day interactions of working in mental health, that I get to indulge a pure love of words, the way they feel on my tongue and resonate in my mind.

I love, too, the creativity of the Poetry Game. Some of the words pertaining to water: multiplicity; yearning; rush; enduring; harrow; tumultuous; swirling; Gaia; affirming; dance; lucid; gift; surge; tremulous; ephemeral. And just like that, my idea of water grows and deepens beyond its usual understanding. Those words will be with me when I drink coolness and clearness; when I cleanse my hands, or dirty plates and cups; when I stand overlooking the quiet strength of the Hunter River, or the endless expanse of the ocean…

Plus it’s not every day that you receive a text message containing the word Evanescent.


2 thoughts on “The Poetry Game.

  1. L likes you because you are vibrant and amazing and an inspiration! Don’t keep putting yourself down! i am privileged to count you as a friend! (and i know that all your friends would say the same thing!)

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