Moments of dis/connection.

One of the auto-repair places on my morning walk to work specialises in taxis. It also happens to be right next to the hedge in which I watched a small furry spider delicately build a web. This is a conversation I had yesterday with a taxi driver who had just dropped his taxi off for repairs:

Taxi driver (TD): ‘Scuse me, have you lost something?
Me: No, not at all. Why do you ask?
TD: It’s just you’re looking into that hedge…just wondering if you’re ok.
Me: Oh, yes, fine, thank you, I was just wondering if the spider web’s still there.
TD (with a look of polite incomprehension on his face): Oh, right. Ok.
Me: I was just wondering how it was going. I watched the spider build it the other day, you see.
TD (faintly, with increasing incomprehension and the beginning of slight apprehension): Did you?
Me: Yes, it was fascinating, actually. They’re such beautiful things.
TD (now looking positively alarmed): Spiders?
Me: And their webs.
TD (blankly): Oh, ok.
(slightly awkward pause)
Me: Have a nice day.
TD (finally controlling his facial expression): Oh, yeah, you too. Should be a nice one.
Me: Glorious. I love this time of year.
TD (with an air of relief that this increasingly bizarre conversation seems to be finally over): Yeah, have a good one.

I paused about ten meters down the road to look back. There stood the taxi driver, staring (with slightly greater ease than I had: he was taller than I am) into the hedge, studying the small furry spider at the heart of its delicate, beautiful web. I walked away, grinning.


Incidentally, tomorrow marks my hundredth blog post. I celebrated my fiftieth by getting my nose pierced…what should I do to celebrate my hundredth? Perhaps a tattoo might be in order…

Only joking, Dad!


4 thoughts on “Moments of dis/connection.

  1. You go Girl! If it wasn’t placed on my bottom I would publish a photo of my tatto to inspire you. I had it done in celebration of getting my period back after 6 years of self-starvation.

      • 😀 it’s a princess bumblebee. Because bumblebees are scientifically too heavy to carry their own bodyweight through flight, but they still do fly :-). Somehow.
        Naomi, I have read your blog now for a few days and I have vto say that you truly amaze me. You are such a lovely person, strong, compassionate, inspiring and with a huge appetite for life.
        I am beginning to understand what you’ve been through, even though I just know what’s probably the top of the iceberg. I am so sorry I wasn’t there for you. I am so so sorry!!

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