Absent-minded connection.

I really should not walk and think at the same time. For two days in a row now, walking to work through the light industrial area which also serves commuters who want to avoid the traffic on the main roads, I have stepped off the kerb without looking. Into the same street. In front of the same car. Driven by the same woman. Who two days in a row has had to stop for me. The first day I waved an apology and mouthed “sorry” through the windscreen of her car. She waved acceptance and we smiled at each other. Today I waved a slightly more chagrined apology as I mouthed “sorry” through the windscreen; she waved acceptance with a far greater degree of amusement on her face. Our eyes met and we grinned at each other; I shrugged at my own absent-minded stupidity and we both laughed.

Tomorrow I should probably not step out into the road without looking. But for today, I enjoyed a moment of human connection – and I rather suspect that she did too.

The fact that the moment of human connection was over my stupidity appears to be beside the point.


3 thoughts on “Absent-minded connection.

  1. Whoever taught you to cross the road didn’t do a very good job! Don’t try for three out of three, the next driver might be someone else and not stop!

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