A golden week.

I’ve just spent the week with my parents. It was a peaceful week, a gentle week. There was a lot of laughter, some in-jokes funny to no one but the three of us; some serious and gentle conversation; sharing of news and the mundane beauty of day-to-day life; time spent in companionable silence lost in our own thoughts or absorbed in our own reading, but together nonetheless. Also a huge quantity of food consumed and love shared.

It’s been a golden week, a blissful week. And, aside from the joy of the week itself, there are two wonderful things of which I’m profoundly aware: firstly, there will be no punishment for having a wonderful week. I had a wonderful week. End of story. I don’t need to wait for the other shoe to drop. Secondly, my parents are among my best friends. I’m not sure that I know many people who can say that.

I’m now facing the beginning of my working week (so we’ll see how long this sense of peace lasts!) but I do so knowing how deeply I am blessed.


3 thoughts on “A golden week.

  1. A week to be treasured. A gift. Well deserved. Grace upon grace. A glimpse of deep acceptance. A reminder of how life can be lived. Dare I suggest a picture of the triune God? Yes, I dare!

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