Losing myself, and finding myself.

The saddest part of most of my weeks occurs when the choir finishes singing the anthem at Evensong on Sunday evenings. This is the point at which the singing for the week ends, and I must now wait five whole days before I can sing with my choir family again, for Friday evening’s rehearsal.

Today I got to introduce my wonderful parents, who are visiting me and who attended services at the Cathedral, to my choir friends. I’ve got used to the literally incredible fact that I have friends, but it’s not a reality that I ever take for granted. Still, today I saw my friends through fresh eyes as I watched them engage with my parents, and was reminded afresh of just how blessed I am to have such warm, loving, vibrant, caring people in my life. People who care for me and allow me to care for them. People who love me and allow me to love them. People with whom I can have silly, joyful fun, with whom I can have serious conversations, who allow me to be quiet when I’m not up to talking but let me know that they’re there for me anyway. These people have, sometimes unknowingly, been light for me in some very dark times. They have extended to me the hand of God at times when God has seemed a long, long way away.

Every day I am grateful for the blessings with which I have been showered. It’s just that some days I am more profoundly aware of my blessings than on others. Today is a day of that profound awareness and I am grateful for my friends.


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