11 July, 2013.

Winter’s morning.
Chilly distant sun,
its warmth too gentle,
too self-effacing,
to burn away the ghostly mist
which swirls like incense,
like unanswered prayer,
between the trees;
and smooths itself like a mantle
over steely river waters.
Or the frost which guilds the surprised grass
with the crunching sound of silver
and the chill
of diamonds.

Soon the sun will ride the high sky,
and the mist will vanish like a hope,
and the frost like a memory,
and the winter’s day will descend
into ordinary loveliness.




2 thoughts on “11 July, 2013.

  1. Naomi, you have a gift with words to express beauty, depth of feelings, nature, people. I like the alliteration in this poetry. I talked with my spiritual director today about ‘befriending the dragon’. I happened to say something about myself and how I was viewing a particular situation and she said, ‘That is one voice. What might another voice be saying?’ The voices come from me – parts of who I am. Always there will be some truth in the voice, but it is not necessarily the whole truth. She encouraged me to befriend the parts of myself that the world has conditioned me to think are unacceptable. She suggested I talk to the ‘dragon’, which reminded me that you did that in the café recently. Sometimes the dragon will breathe fire, but sometimes it wants to be heard with kindness and not to be feared. Oh, I have so much to learn about life and myself. Will the remaining years be long enough? I think I need to read Psalm 139.

  2. That is such a beautiful way of putting it, Lynette – that the dragon wants to be heard with kindness and not to be feared. I felt like I’d hurt my dragon’s feelings by pushing it down for so long – it wanted to be heard with kindness! And I feel like I’m on the way to making things right with it. It is heartening though to know that although you are an inspiration to me, you are also on a journey of learning about life and yourself.

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