…but there’s a glimmer of light.

I’ve been telling people about how bleak the last couple of days have been – the result being that people are showing me that they care for me, and I am being reminded of how blessed I am in the people around me. My wonderful parents, who emailed and rang me just to say hello. A dear friend who told me to “man up, you little skank” – but who then gave me a hug (and honestly, I’d be offended if she wasn’t rude to me). Another friend who messaged me from her hospital bed (talk about humbling!) to see if I was ok. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to remind you of just how profoundly you are blessed and sometimes you don’t need the light to blast away the fog – it’s enough to be reminded that the light is capable of penetrating it. Because that means that the fog isn’t invincible.

But the light is.



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