If God is a virus…

I have a cold, and have spent the day in my pyjamas, drinking tea and making pom-poms out of wool. Just because, why not?

I have read recently that conditions which lower mental inhibition, like being mildly unwell, or being slightly drunk, or being under-slept, actually increase creativity because the mind is more likely to make mental leaps. Someone forgot to tell my mind that. Conditions which lower mental inhibition also seem to have the by-product of making me more stupid.

So here is a quote from Barbara Kingsolver, because I’m currently unable to come up with a thought of my own. It’s in her wonderful, thought-provoking, beautifully-characterised novel The Poisonwood Bible but I’m too stupid at the moment to find it so consider it paraphrased: God is everything. God is creation. God is a virus. Think about that next time you get a cold.

Well, I have a cold, and I have thought about that. And the virus cells currently inhabiting the lining of my nose and throat and wreaking utter havoc might be tiny manifestations of the Divine – but that’s not going to stop me blasting them with Vick’s nasal spray and wishing for their imminent death. Sorry, little manifestations of the Divine.



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