On synchronicity and friendships.

I have wonderful friends. For various reasons recently, I have been thinking a lot about synchronicity, coincidence, the unfolding of the Sacred, our path and journey, God having a “plan” for us, the arbitrary nature of life…fate, determinism, human capacity to choose. And, after an amount of wine last night, I decided to source the wisdom of my friends on Facebook.

One friend, a wonderful conversationalist and thinker who is almost never lost for words, responded “Hmm” – and nothing else. Another gave an honest, thoughtful reply based on her own experience. A third gently encouraged me to narrow the scope of my question, and gave me a heap more to think about. A fourth simply replied “What??”. To which, of course, I gave a slightly rude reply. She’s that type of friend.

I love my friends.

And note, I am not specifying the “amount” of wine after which I decided to post the question. There’s such a thing as too much honesty.


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