On the tenth basic principle of creative spirituality.

And here we have…(drum roll)…NUMBER TEN!

Our creative dreams and yearnings come from a divine source. As we move towards our dreams, we move towards divinity.

Wow. That’s sort of the antithesis to what I’ve always thought: self-denial, and focus on loving and caring for others, moves me towards divinity. Suddenly, I am reading that it is moving towards my own dreams and values which moves me towards divinity. And this makes sense. One of the things that I am required to espouse as a social worker is that we cannot care for others unless we are caring for ourselves. We cannot give to others out of our own resources if the resources are not there in the first place. How much more true is that for internal, non-quantifiable resources?

Here is a quote from the Work of the Chariot: “When a man takes one step toward God, God takes more steps toward that man than there are sands in all the worlds of time”. Non-gender-inclusive language aside (and yes, this is an ancient text), I actually find this a frightening concept. The Source of all love and compassion, the ground of Being, moving towards: me. Why? What value do I have, that the Creator of the Universe should move toward me? Should cover me with terrifying, profound compassion and love me beyond human understanding? Should, when I frantically shut the door to It and pretend I’m not home, simply come in through the window instead. Am I that important to God?

And yet, in exploring the person I am, in using the creativity I was given to become more the person I was created to be, I am taking steps towards God. Single steps; faltering  baby steps, painful stumbling steps – but steps nonetheless. And as I move towards the Divine, so the Divine moves towards me.

Better brace myself, then.


One thought on “On the tenth basic principle of creative spirituality.

  1. Yes, you are that important to God … and to all those you inspire with your thoughts, compassion and friendship.

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