On the sixth basic principle of creative spirituality.

Number six is…:

The refusal to be creative is self-will and is counter to our true nature.

It’s self-explanatory, really. Our true nature as created beings is to mirror the creativity of the Creator. Each time we use our minds, our hands, the biomechanics of our speech, we are being creative. We are reflecting the Creator. It is therefore incumbent upon us to use that creativity in a way that builds up the Creator’s presence in the world, not obscures it.

Denying our true nature is denying who and what we are, and denying the gift of Us-ness that we have been given. It’s the tree saying, “I don’t want to be a tree. From now on I’m going to walk around!”. It’s the cucumber saying, “I’m not a vegetable. I don’t want to be eaten. I’m going to run for Parliament!” (not a bad idea, actually). It’s the cat saying – actually, no. A cat would never choose to be anything other than the superior being it is!

What about when our true nature is denied for us? When we are trying to live our creativity but we are told to stop wasting our time, we’re useless, what we’ve got to offer is worth nothing? That is someone else denying our true nature (and probably denying their own, too) – and that’s not ok. Because in denying our true nature, they also deny the true nature of the Creator. And the world becomes just a little bit darker.

So I think that we should not listen to them. Who’s with me?


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