On the fifth basic principle of creative spirituality.

Yep, after four comes – five!

Creativity is the Creator’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to the Creator.

The Creator created us. Somehow, wonderfully, mysteriously, It created us to be who we are. If it’s true that a tree gives glory to God by being a tree, a cat by being a cat, a cucumber by being a cucumber, then we give glory to God by being exactly who we are. Yes, I am a deeply flawed and damaged human being – in addition to carrying the beauty inherent in any human soul. But trees are flawed too, and cats (don’t tell them I said that, though!) and cucumbers. Part of being who we are – truly and honestly who we are – is accepting these flaws and points of damage, forgiving ourselves and others for them, and then working to be the best that we can be. Naturally that can only mean using the creativity with which we’ve been gifted. It doesn’t matter how we use that creativity, what the end product is. What matters is that we are using our created selves to build up beauty and wonder and love and life in the world.

I love seeing people take joy in a gift I’ve given them. I love seeing them use it as it was intended, and knowing that the gift I’ve given is making their lives better, or more fun, or brighter, or quirkier. How much more must the Creator take joy out of us using well the gifts that It has given us?


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