On the third basic principle of creative spirituality.

Ta da! Number three is:

When we open ourselves to our creativity, we open ourselves to the Creator’s creatvity within us and our lives.

If we take seriously the fact that we are infused with creative force, it follows that opening ourselves to our creativity – in any form – is opening ourselves to who we truly are. I’m not just refering to creativity as talent – not everyone can paint, or write, or dance, or sing. But every individual has creative capacity. A great sense of humour. A new take on a situation no one’s thought of yet. The capacity to make really amazing chocolate fudge cake. The insight to know that someone needs a hug, or a chocolate, or some peace and quiet. The willingness to play the String Game with the cat for hours, or throw a ball for the dog to fetch again and again and again…The imagination and wisdom to work out what’s going on for someone, why they act the way they do. The capacity for forgiveness, or self-forgiveness. Being a good barista, or childcare worker, or doctor. Being able to change the washer on a tap, or put food on the table, or listen to a friend in need. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I think that every human action or reaction requires some form of creativity. Everything that makes us who we are taps into the creative force within us, even if it goes unrecognised ninety-nine per cent of the time.

We are creative beings. We are infused with the Creator. If we are true to who we are, we open ourselves further to the Creator, with all the challenge and blessing that entails.


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