On the second basic principle of creative spirituality.

Here is the second principle:

There is an underlying, in-dwelling creative force infusing all of life – including ourselves.

Or, all things are sacred. All things are of the Sacred, made up of that same creative force which Itself* made us. The Source of all being spoke, and the world became. The Source of all being blew breath, soul, anima into us. We are alive because of the creative force we call God, the Divine, the Sacred, the Creator. We live and move and have our being in and through the Creator. We praise that Creator by being the essence of who we are, just as trees give glory to God by being trees, fish by being fish, cucumbers by being cucumbers.

What I create reflects who I am. If I’m writing, my choice of words is different to that of anyone else, even though we speak the same language. If I’m sketching or drawing or doodling because I’m bored, the shapes and colours I use are reflective of me – my preferences, my talents (or, when it comes to drawing, lack of them!). Even how I perform boring, mundane, household-y tasks is reflective of the person I am, even if it’s only in showing off my various OCDs.

If this is true of one individual (and all of us), how much more so is it true of the Creator, the Source of all being?


* I wish there was a gender-neutral pronoun which is not offensive. But writing It is far easier than writing S/He.


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