On the first basic principle of creative spirituality.

As I wrote yesterday, I’ve been reading through Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”. And I read her ten principles of creative spirituality, which she says are the bedrock of creative recovery and discovery. So here we go:

The first principle: Creativity is the natural order of life. Life is energy – pure creative energy.

How can you argue against that? As I write, there is a cat asleep on my lounge. I can’t see her at the moment as by her own request I have draped her with the throw rug that normally lives on the corner of the couch, so all I can see is a blue-and-white-draped lump. But if I were cruel enough to uncover her, I would see in one tiny fragment of creation all the colours of a cloud. Sweeps of graphite-grey. The heavy yellowish of a true storm cloud in the second before lightening strikes. Purest white. Flecks of black almost invisible unless you look closely. Above her eyes, the roan of clouds touched by sunset.

And she’s a creative being, too. The lanyard left accidentally hanging from my bag is a vicious, deadly snake that must be subdued and killed and then killed again just for good measure. The doona I’m wrestling onto the bed is ideal cover from which to commit the perfect ambush. Whoever said that cats don’t have a sense of humour or imagination – well, all I can say is that they’ve either never spent any time with a cat, or they lack imagination themselves.

And this cat is one small part of creation. The perfection and beauty of a creative universe is present in every living thing, even the things we overlook. As Georgia O’Keefe points out, it takes time to look at any one of the myriad of pieces of life that reflect – that are – the miracle of creation. Perhaps, just occasionally, we should make time. Just a little bit of time. I think we’ll be amazed.


2 thoughts on “On the first basic principle of creative spirituality.

  1. That’s why I like haiku … it captures and focuses on just one of the myriad pieces of life … encourages us to focus on it … and helps us appreciate it.

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