A present from an unnamed person.

There is a group of women, whose names I don’t know, associated with the public hospital which serves the area. These women are volunteers, and spend their time knitting blankets and teddy bears. These knitted items are donated to, among other places, the local sexual assault support service. Survivors of rape and other sexual assaults who must talk about their experiences are given a blanket; child survivors are given a teddy bear. In this way physical comfort is given to people who otherwise must sit alone in what they have been through; people who have faced the darkness of human cruelty are reminded of the simple light of human grace.

Presented with a hand-knitted blanket, comforted by its softness and its warmth, I was moved to tears by some nameless woman’s act of pure kindness.

A person I will never meet spent time and energy – and love – knitting a blanket which is now spread out over my lounge. It reminds me that, in a world where such horrific violence is commonplace, there is also compassion and generosity and sharing and care. It reminds me of the beauty of the human spirit. It reminds me of the gentle, vulnerable, loving strength of the Creator Spirit which erupts in the world. It reminds me of warmth and colour in cold bleakness. It reminds me that, despite days which seem to have no redeeming feature about them, the world is a good place. It reminds me that it will all, somehow, be ok.

Plus it’s pretty.



One thought on “A present from an unnamed person.

  1. All the volunteers should read this! Your blog needs to be more widely read so that more people can be inspired. You are one brave lady.

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