Moments of connection.

Anyone who knows me even a little will know that I am a Cat Person. This is why it is an impossibility for me to walk past a cat without at least stopping to acknowledge and admire such a beautiful creature.

So walking home from work tonight, I came across a cat sitting on a low garden wall. Of course, I stopped to say hello. I crouched down (cats like that – it’s an acknowledgement of their status as the superior being), and stroked him and talked with him. There I was, telling him what a fine, what a very handsome cat he was. How he should be proud of such thick soft fur and such a fluffy strong tail and such a handsome cat face. How he’d made my day just by being on that piece of wall at that moment in time. What a stunning creature he was and how he was honouring this humble human by allowing her to stroke such a divinely-crafted chin and jaw…Ahem. Etc.

Only to look up from my cat adoration to discover the cat’s owner, standing there at his letterbox, watching me and listening to every word. Smiling at me.

Slightly sheepishly, I smiled back. And just like that, a connection between two strangers – transient, superficial, a little embarrassing but very much a connection – was forged.

Oh well – who needs dignity?


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