Mind/body duality.

Here is what I have learned: most of my emotions come out through my body. Especially the uncomfortable ones. Pain and grief and fear, especially fear. My brain plays the clueless friend tagging along: where are we going, guys? What’s going on?

Sadness I feel in my throat. It’s painful, like the bruised tightness you get after someone’s choked you. I might be completely unaware of the sadness I’m feeling – but my throat is not. Same as tension. My hands know when I’m tense, my fingers working against each other to the point of pain. Often, my hands know before the rest of me.

Fear is something else entirely, though. Fear takes me in my stomach, behind my sternum, the muscles of my neck, my gut, my legs. Fear takes over my body even when I do not know what I’m frightened of.

Thanks body. Now, come on brain: catch the hell up so I know what’s going on.


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