A moment of stupidity.

This morning, with a number of tasks to achieve before I left the house and a finite amount of time in which to complete them, I was determined to eat at least a basic breakfast. I took out the toaster from the cupboard, plugged it into the wall socket, and pushed down the “toast” button; I got out the butter, the jam, the knife and the plate. I remembered to get my multi-vitamin from the pantry (desperately trying to stave off the cold which is currently sweeping through my workplace like a horde of Vikings) and put it near the plate so that I couldn’t possibly forget it. I even took a clean napkin from the linen press. I then managed to make the bed and put a load of washing on whilst the toast was toasting.

I returned to the kitchen, smug in the knowledge of tasks accomplished and a schedule maintained – only to find that I’d neglected to take the bread out of the freezer and place it in the toaster.



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