And why the other days are pretty special too.

It’s not just Fridays that are special. It’s easy to forget, to become complacent, especially in the demands and bustle of everyday life, but I often have to stop and remind myself that each day holds something for which to be grateful.

Sometimes these things are feeble rays of light. Some days are so dark, and so heavy, that it is all I can do to drag myself through them. Life in my head becomes bleak and it becomes very difficult to see the light beyond the clouds. Other days, of course, the sun shines brightly in my mind, and it’s easy to see the blessings that surround me – but those aren’t the days I’m talking about.

On the bleak days, I have to remember that it’s not just my choir family who surrounds me with their love. I have parents who love and support me, who are my friends. I have an extended family who accept me and welcome me. I have friends, good friends, both within the choir and outside of it, who rally around me and inspire me and know me for who I am and let me be myself. I have a neighbourhood cat who turns up at my door, waltzes unconcernedly into my flat (I love the beautiful arrogance of cats) and demands that I give and receive love, regardless of how I’m feeling. I live in a city in which the natural beauty around – beaches, hills, bushland, the river which flows from the sea so far inland I can barely trace it – cannot be ignored. I have a job I love (although on some days I have the “when I win lotto…” conversation with myself) and colleagues I like. There are some days, just occasionally, when I go to bed feeling that I’m leaving the world just a little bit better than I’ve found it. They make up for the days when I go to bed wondering exactly why I bother.

Light and darkness. We are told that the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness does not overcome it. Sometimes it feels like the darkness is having a damn good try – but always, just a flicker of light. So I guess the other days are actually pretty special too.


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